Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick Trip

So you may have noticed I just added a couple of new posts. With our recent trip to Utah, it was the easiest way for me to organize everything and try not to put it into one large post. To kick things off, my dad (the only one in my family who was in town), was the lucky one to pick us up at the airport. He wanted to take Grace to an indoor amusement park (very small scale, just Grace's size) called Jungle Jim's. What a hit! We were there for a couple of hours. She did not want to leave! I think the funniest part was when she wanted to keep riding the roller coaster, by herself! So the employee let her ride, even when everyone else got off the ride. Thanks Dad!

While in Utah, I tried to squeeze in some time to see old friends. Sadly, this is the only picture I took of the evening. But it was fun to see Jack, Kate and Grace play together again! It was like we've never left. Thanks to Josh and Annie for letting us crash Lucy's b-day party! Your house is gorgeous!

And of course the highlight of the trip was seeing family! Being away certainly makes you appreciate them a whole lot more! I love my family (and by family I refer to mine and Andy's)! The two weeks spent there was wonderful and flew by way too quick. So the following posts are just short glimpses into our quick trip to Utah. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Every year I look forward to spending time up at Snowbird. Andy's parents have a timeshare, the first week of August. Although it is a ski resort, it is beautiful up in the mountains this time of year! And it is a great escape from the heat! Since being married to Andy, I have not missed a year, and this year was not going to be an exception. So since we were going to be coming to Utah for Clint's wedding, I wanted to come a week early and enjoy Snowbird once again. But because of the wedding and my family's trip to Bear Lake, we cut our stay there a bit short. I hope I never have to do that again!

One of my favorite things to do at Snowbird is hiking! But silly me forgot to pack the snuggly for Clark, so instead we took a short hike to the lookout point. It's a gorgeous view of the Salt Lake valley. The girls stopped for a quick picture along the way.

Grammy wanted to take the girls down the alpine slide with her, one at a time, of course! When I asked Grace if she went super fast, she responded 'no', 'super slow'! She is quite the little daredevil! But I know she really enjoyed herself anyway!

I just love the look on Clark's face in this one.

I just had to include this picture taken by Maggie. Thanks Maggie!

And here are a bunch of honorable mention photos.

Bear Lake

So the end of the first week the kids and I were in Utah, my family went to Bear Lake. And I think we picked the perfect weekend: Raspberry Days. The only difference was there were more people and plenty of local venders selling their stuff. So it made for some good shopping at Bear Lake. And it was just fun to play at the beach and on the boat. Here is cousin Trey helping Clark out with his binky. Thanks Trey!

Grace had her first experience riding a water banana. I love the look on her face in this picture (which is why I chose it)!

One of Clark's favorite foods is bananas. If you're not too careful, he'll bite off more than he can chew and swallow. My uncle Matt was in town, so he came with us that weekend. He seemed to really enjoy spending time with Clark. And by the look of it, Clark enjoyed his company (or food).

This picture is of my parents with all their grandkids. This one was probably the best one of all that were taken. They should have taken the picture early on in our little trip, instead of the very end when everyone is tired and ready to go home!

And a proud grandpa! I wanted to post a picture of my dad water skiing, since I was so proud of how well he did. But I didn't want to embarrass him. So I thought this was a bit better.

Here are some more pictures that captured a bit more of what we did while at the lake!

Lagoon Day

So the day before we left for Bear Lake with my family (sorry the post is out of order), we all went to Lagoon. I really enjoy roller coaster rides, but I wasn't too sure about Grace. Luckily she did not get her dad's stomach. She couldn't get enough of the rides! I think I had more fun just watching her reactions.

I'm all for the thrill of the rides, but one thing that I don't enjoy is the free fall rides. My Uncle Matt was trying to talk me into going on the skycoaster (where they hoist you up thousands of feet, then let you fly!). I said no thanks, but my brave sister, Cassandra and brother, John said yes!

Afterwards we went over to my sister, Marie's house, to wish John a happy birthday on 08.08.08! And wouldn't you believe that he turned 24! And to wish him farewell. The next morning he left for South Korea for a two week training. He is now in the ROTC. Way to go John! I just spoke to him on the phone, and he is home now and survived his training.

I just had to add this picture. Again, here is Trey putting Clark's binky in for him. He is such a helper!

The next week of our little trip, I picked up Andy from the airport. He had told me that he wanted to go out, just the two of us, after I picked him up. I was pretty excited! He didn't fly in until 9pm, so I figured it would be a quick bite to eat then call it good. But much to my surprise, he had made reservations at the INN on the HILL! Needless to say, that was probably my favorite part of the whole trip!

If you look close enough, those two specs are us.

That week we also put Grace in swim lessons with her cousins. She did not want to go back after the first day. But I'm so glad we didn't give in, because she really, really enjoyed it the next two days. She was swimming under water and jumping in without having to hold on to someone's hands! I couldn't believe the progress she made just in those 3 short lessons! It was pretty fun to watch her too. After every time she swam with the teacher she would give me a big thumbs up or a high five. Too bad we haven't been in a pool since to see if it stuck with her.

Her cheering section!
(Andrea, sister-in-law, with George, Kathy, 'Grammy', and proud mom!)

Bub and Lisa

Last but not least, the real reason behind our trip to Utah: Clint & Lisa's Wedding! They were married on Friday, Aug. 15th at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony. Afterwards, we stayed for pictures of course, then went to the Erekson's to get things ready for the reception. The weather was perfect! It was only in the mid 80's, while all our friends suffered in the 100 degree weather in Portland!
Anyway, we are very happy for the happy couple! Welcome to the family, Lisa!

The 3 matching cousins!

The happy couple (pictured below, not to be confused with the other happy couple above!) at their wedding dinner (the night before the wedding) at the Lion House.

Here are some of the other pictures of the wedding celebration:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Tricks

We're back from Utah! While I'm in the process of gathering some pictures from our trip, I thought I would post this video of Clark. (Please pay no attention to the annoying lady behind the camera!)