Monday, March 24, 2008


Saturday night we colored some eggs with our friends, Sage and Ciara.

No need to explain this one.

On Sunday, only Grace and Andy went to church. I got an ear infection in the middle of the night. So Clark and I stayed home. Which was too bad, cause we had made some plans to have a fantastic Easter feast with some friends of ours (sorry Jaime!). As soon as I get her dress washed I'll post pictures of both kids in their easter outfits!

Sunday morning, before church I went to the doctor's to get some medication while Andy stayed home with the kids. While I was waiting for the doctor, Andy called to tell me that Clark rolled over (first time)! I can't believe I missed it! When I got home he did it again for me. What a great kid!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh, The Places We'll Go!

Last weekend my mom came to visit. So for fun we took Grace to the Children's Museum in Portland! That same evening, she (Grace) got sick with a bad cold, so we didn't do much else the rest of the weekend.

Here's a self portrait of Clark and I. I'm sure he enjoyed himself as well.

There is a life size photo frame. Hence the picture.

Then on Monday (Grace was feeling a lot better), after I dropped my mom off at the airport, a friend of mine invited us to go to another Children's Museum called the A.C. Gillbert Discovery House, in Salem. I didn't take any pictures but I wanted to show everyone just how cute this place looks. Something pretty cool here is that you can check out these 'cultural passes' to places like the Children's Museum from the library and just return them by the end of the day.

Then on Tuesday, it was $2 Tuesday at the Zoo. Again, I didn't take very many pictures, but this was probably the best one out of the bunch. And plus we didn't stay very long since it started to get cold and rainy.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Play, Play, Play

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day, we took advantage and played at the park!

Here Grace is riding a ladybug with her friend Sage.

This park is a bit different with no jungle gym, only rocks!

I couldn't believe how brave she was being, climbing her way to the top!

Clark had some fun of his own