Sunday, January 15, 2012


we're back!
It's been a great little vacation from the
world of blogging
(not planned,
but sounds better than my whole list of excuses)

I'm not even going to begin to retrace our steps,
but merely
make mention of a few of our
noteworthy adventures.

Since our passes expired on
we just had to go
last time.
(at least until we get the urge to go again!)

I finally signed Clark up.
It's just 2 days a week.
After some pushing and shoving,
He goes.
(such a little homebody)
But so far so good...

Rose Bowl Parade.
After some pushing and shoving,
I talked Andy into coming.
(are you sensing a theme?)
So glad we went.
Some make this an annual thing,
I'm glad we made it
at least a once in a lifetime thing.