Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Guess what I did most of yesterday?

I picked out these...

It's amazing how quickly you can become an expert at something
while trying to get rid of it.
I've never had to deal with these pests in all my 33 years.
But now I find myself a pro at spotting, snatching and killing
the little buggers.

Did you also know...

they prefer clean hair
they don't jump
lice is plural for louse
and if both you and your child are scratching your scalp,
I would just start checking...don't wait!

Just some tips from your neighborhood friendly lice expert.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

...and we're back!

Sorry for the long pause,
we've been a bit busy.

But rather than trying to play catch-up...
I think it will be easiest to post a few pics
and just show some of the highlights of our summer.
(in no particular order)

hung-out with these cool, hot mammas:
enjoyed this sweet ride:
checked out oregon zoo(again):

said good-bye to our trusty baby carrier:
hung-out with grammy:
played with aunt cassandra:

kayaked in oxnard:
enjoyed every second @ snowbird with all the cousins:
ate plenty of watermelon:

enjoyed some swim time:
got to hang-out with this little guy (and his cool mamma):
saw a few dodger games (none of which they won:)
andy and clark went to see Cars 2 @ El Capitan Theater:

putted around Catalina Island with the folks:

...and Audrey turned ONE: