Monday, February 27, 2012

Seven years in the making

something to blog about.

Grammy came to town last week.
(here are some of the highlights)

In honor of presidents' day..
we hiked to the Hollywood sign.
Actually you can only hike
up and behind the sign.

(not a very glamorous sign don't you think?)

(in route)

Jumping ahead to Friday.
The real reason for Grammy's visit...
my baby is now
How did that happen!?!
In honor of the birthday girl,
we threw the fanciest party around!

Since I was playing the "hostess with the mostest"
I neglected to take pictures of the
pretty tea cups and set up.
Luckily Andy had his whits about him
and took some shots.

my favorite part of all was doing a book exchange.
Everyone left with a 'new' book
and we didn't come home to a bunch of new stuff.

the lone boys

Sunday, February 12, 2012

my little shadow

I think that is the best way to describe this little girl.

While at home,
I am always to be in her sights.

Most of the time
I have to sneak away,
in order to have a little private time.

But if I'm to have anyone at my heals,
I would pick her every time!

Sunday Sampler

This year in Relief Society we are studying the teachings of

President George Albert Smith

This week our lesson was titled

Our Testimony of Jesus Christ

Here is a brief excerpt from the lesson:

The Redeemer of mankind was more than a good man who came into the world to teach us ethics. The Redeemer of mankind possessed more than ordinary intelligence. He was indeed the Son of God, the only begotten of God in the flesh. … He came to call men to repentance, to turn them from the error of their way. He went among them representing God the Eternal Father, proclaiming that he was in the image of his Father, and that those who had seen him had seen the Father, and told them that he had been sent to do the will of his Father, and called on all men to turn from the error that had crept in among them, to repent of their sins and go down into the waters of baptism.6

In the time of the Savior the adversary whispered to [the] people, he is not the Son of God, surely you will not accept him, he is just an ordinary man, he is only the son of Mary and Joseph and he is not any more the Son of God than you are, and the people listened to that insidious, wicked one and crucified the Redeemer of mankind.7

He was indeed the Son of God. He labored among [the people] in love and kindness; but they cast His name out as evil. … He was the Son of God, and He did have the right to speak in the name of the Father. The truths He brought to the earth came from the Father; and though they nailed Him to the cross, though they placed upon His head the plaited crown of thorns, and put the mock scepter in His hands, though they spilled His blood with the cruel spear, yet the word that He delivered to them was the word of the Lord, and He was indeed the Son of God.8

Not only do we believe that Jesus of Nazareth lived upon the earth, but we believe that he still lives, not as an essence, not as something incorporeal or intangible, but we believe in him as an exalted man; for he arose with the same body that was laid in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathaea, the same body that was ministered to there by those who loved him. The same Jesus Christ who came forth from the tomb, brought with him that body which had been purified and cleansed, … and he took it with him when he disappeared from the gaze of humanity at Jerusalem when the two men in white raiment said: “As you see him go, so likewise will he return again.” [See Acts 1:10–11.]