Monday, November 24, 2008

Day of Rest? (Ha!)

So yesterday was another busy, non-restful Sunday. Take a look:
8:30am: hurry and shower before Clark wakes up (he only slept in because he was not asleep between the hours 2:30-5:30am).
9am: bathe kids, finish getting ready
10am: go to visiting apt.
10:45am: hurry to pick up and get ready for Beehive presidency mtg.
11am: meet w/ Beehives
11:30: drop-off Beehives
12pm: scarf down lunch, talk to in-laws (wishing me happy bday)
12:30pm: leave for church (while there: get released from YWs (super sad), only to get called as nursery song leader (I got to go in and sing with the kids-so fun!).
3pm: get to join YW one last time
4pm: end of church, but wait for Andy, only to find out he has to stay for mtg.
4:30pm: don't want to go home, so head over to the Melanson's, only to find out their home teachers were coming.
5:30pm: head home, where Andy is waiting, scarf down egg sandwiches
5:55pm: go back to church for choir practice
6:30pm: stay for the Quatama ward ice cream social
7:30: head home to put kids to bed
7:45: try and talk to family via web cam (not much luck there, but still great to see everyone, if only a bit)
8pm: record 24, enjoy delicious carrot cake w/ Tonks (thanks guys!)
10pm: start watching 24, but fell asleep within the first few minutes.

these events occurred in real time

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Released

I could get use to this!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just My Luck

So as of lately, my luck just isn't the greatest. I seem to keep missing great deals, by a day or two! The latest, my sister told me of really good airline prices (60 dollars each way!) through Southwest. She told me she would send me the link. Come to find out the deal ended the day before! Dang it!
Another example would be when I checked my email from someone letting everyone know about a deal with a free photo book, thanks to the Oprah show. When I went to the link, I was told that the deal already expired. Dang it!
Last example, a friend's blog advertised a real cheap Britax car seat (my favorite brand). awawawawawa (clark's contribution). Story short, missed that one as well. Dang it!
But because of the Thanksgiving season, I will try and focus on things I do have. Like yesterday I did only paid $1.86/gallon, while a friend of mine paid $1.99 (same day, same Costco). Sucker!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not too late, I hope!

So I've been wanting to post our Halloween festivities for the past week, but also wanted to post the previous two posts first. So here goes: we started out the week by picking up Grammy (Andy's mom) at the airport. On Monday we took her to the zoo (first time). I however did not picture the event. On Tuesday, after Grace's preschool, we took her to the Children's Museum (first time). I did take a few pictures, but I think I've posted enough pictures of that place. My mind is drawing a blank as to our activities on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to Krispy Kreme for a little field trip, with our preschool group (as shown above). The kids all dressed up in their costumes. I could only get Grace to wear the hat. She was Jessie, again.

On Thursday, after Krispy, we went and picked up Andy's dad. He wasn't planning on coming, but once Andy got the call (previous post), he wanted his dad here to ordain him. And since his mom was already here for Clark's bday, no one was the wiser (ha ha)! So on Halloween/Clark's bday, Andy took the day off, we opened a few gifts and later that day, went trick or treating. We started out with Herb and Ciara and their kids (pictured above). Clark stayed back with Grammy and Grandpa. We went around their neighborhood for a while, picked up some more friends and headed to our complex. Really, if you think about it, our place is the best to go trick-or-treating. There are three doors right next to each other, and then some more right across from them. As we were starting, we ran into some other friends. So we all just went around until Grace's bag couldn't hold anymore! Kathy (Andy's mom) was nice enough to have some beef stew waiting for us when we got back. Thanks Kathy!

Lastly, on Saturday we had a little party for Clark. As you can see, he really enjoyed that cake! I wasn't at all surprised. He'll eat just about anything, especially cake!

On the evite that I sent out, I specifically stated no presents. But we have too nice of friends, (who ignore me!), so we opened some presents! Thanks, by the way! On Sunday, we had to say good bye to Grammy and Grandpa. We love you guys!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What the heck!?!

A couple of weeks ago, we got a call from our stake president. He wanted to meet with us that night (I had never actually met the man). All day I was thinking that he wanted Andy to do something for our upcoming stake conference. To our surprise, and somewhat shock, he asked if Andy would accept the calling as second counselor in the bishopric! Of course he said he would. We were both relieved when he was finally called, sustained, and set apart this last Sunday. The cat is out of the bag.
I've been really impressed with Andy and how he has stepped up and taking everything in stride. Ever since he got the call, he's had the attitude of it's just another calling. Which is totally true! I think the hardest part of all of this (totally selfish on my part) is that I don't think they'll let me stay in the Young Women's for much longer. So sad! But I'm not trying to think of that, and just enjoy it while it lasts!
What I find funny from this is everyone's reactions. I've gotten everything from 'congrats' to 'ha,ha'.

Monday, November 3, 2008

One year later

This was last year...

And one year later.
happy birthday little guy!