Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not too late, I hope!

So I've been wanting to post our Halloween festivities for the past week, but also wanted to post the previous two posts first. So here goes: we started out the week by picking up Grammy (Andy's mom) at the airport. On Monday we took her to the zoo (first time). I however did not picture the event. On Tuesday, after Grace's preschool, we took her to the Children's Museum (first time). I did take a few pictures, but I think I've posted enough pictures of that place. My mind is drawing a blank as to our activities on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to Krispy Kreme for a little field trip, with our preschool group (as shown above). The kids all dressed up in their costumes. I could only get Grace to wear the hat. She was Jessie, again.

On Thursday, after Krispy, we went and picked up Andy's dad. He wasn't planning on coming, but once Andy got the call (previous post), he wanted his dad here to ordain him. And since his mom was already here for Clark's bday, no one was the wiser (ha ha)! So on Halloween/Clark's bday, Andy took the day off, we opened a few gifts and later that day, went trick or treating. We started out with Herb and Ciara and their kids (pictured above). Clark stayed back with Grammy and Grandpa. We went around their neighborhood for a while, picked up some more friends and headed to our complex. Really, if you think about it, our place is the best to go trick-or-treating. There are three doors right next to each other, and then some more right across from them. As we were starting, we ran into some other friends. So we all just went around until Grace's bag couldn't hold anymore! Kathy (Andy's mom) was nice enough to have some beef stew waiting for us when we got back. Thanks Kathy!

Lastly, on Saturday we had a little party for Clark. As you can see, he really enjoyed that cake! I wasn't at all surprised. He'll eat just about anything, especially cake!

On the evite that I sent out, I specifically stated no presents. But we have too nice of friends, (who ignore me!), so we opened some presents! Thanks, by the way! On Sunday, we had to say good bye to Grammy and Grandpa. We love you guys!


Debbie said...

Congrats Andy on the new calling. It looks like you guys are busy and the kids are growing up. They looked cute for Halloween.

The Churches said...

Pretty bummed that I had to miss the party BTW. Your sugar cookies are to die for though! I will definitely have to get that recipe if you don't mind. I told Doug it was like two of my favorite things together: soft sugar cookies and frosting that tasted like the conversation sweethearts. YUM!

Rachel said...

We are bummed we couldn't make the party but it looks like you had a full house and Clark had a 'ball'... What sugar cookies? Just kidding... We've got halloween candy to toss still before we eat it all!