Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good News, kind of...

(btw, this post has nothing to do with this picture, I just like it!)
So let me start by saying, I have been waiting a little over 2 months (some days it seems like longer) to make this post. As most of you know, Andy was laid-off of his job at LAIKA in December. They decided to pull the plug on the movie he was working on. Right after he called me to tell me the news, I cried. I was not worried about him finding another job, I knew we would be taken care of. My main concern was having to leave. I really love it here! From the moment we moved here, we began making many friends. I had it in my head that we would be here for at least 5 years, or more. And then I felt that my feelings were confirmed when Andy was called into the bishopric. In fact, I had been looking at possible homes to call our own. So once Andy got laid-off, we both thought that they would call him back to start work on another project and we could go right on living here. Just to be safe, Andy sent out several portfolios to other major studios. Well, Laika did contact him, only to tell him that they wouldn't need him until the end of the year. So thankfully, we did get an offer from Sony Pictures (in LA)! I am thrilled that I will have a husband who has a job and will be doing something he loves. But at the same time, I want to cry every time I think of leaving. It will be very hard, but I know this is where we are suppose to be in our next leg of the journey.

I have been meaning to post these pictures of the kids. These are the outfits they wore for Christmas (but it's ok, cause Grace wore this same dress today, and I did her hair the same way, so it's as if I just took this). I just can't seem to get them smiling for me together in the same picture! But Clark has learned to say 'cheese' and pose for the camera.