Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh Blessed Day!

Almost a month ago, we drove our little family all the way to St. George, Utah. Why you may ask? Well, we decided it was easiest for everyone in our families to be a part of the blessing of this little girl.

When it came time to travel, I'll have to admit, I was not looking forward to traveling with 3 young kids. But thank goodness, it was a very pleasant trip. Audrey gets the prize for being the best traveler of the troop.

We decided to bless her on Saturday, right before my nephew was to be baptized (thank you again guys for letting us share your day:), since Andy and I had to get back to LA by Sunday evening to attend a friend's wedding. So it wasn't your typical blessing during a sacrament meeting. But for me, that made it all the more sweet.
Thank you to our all our family for making the day a special one for us and Audrey.
We love you!