Monday, November 24, 2008

Day of Rest? (Ha!)

So yesterday was another busy, non-restful Sunday. Take a look:
8:30am: hurry and shower before Clark wakes up (he only slept in because he was not asleep between the hours 2:30-5:30am).
9am: bathe kids, finish getting ready
10am: go to visiting apt.
10:45am: hurry to pick up and get ready for Beehive presidency mtg.
11am: meet w/ Beehives
11:30: drop-off Beehives
12pm: scarf down lunch, talk to in-laws (wishing me happy bday)
12:30pm: leave for church (while there: get released from YWs (super sad), only to get called as nursery song leader (I got to go in and sing with the kids-so fun!).
3pm: get to join YW one last time
4pm: end of church, but wait for Andy, only to find out he has to stay for mtg.
4:30pm: don't want to go home, so head over to the Melanson's, only to find out their home teachers were coming.
5:30pm: head home, where Andy is waiting, scarf down egg sandwiches
5:55pm: go back to church for choir practice
6:30pm: stay for the Quatama ward ice cream social
7:30: head home to put kids to bed
7:45: try and talk to family via web cam (not much luck there, but still great to see everyone, if only a bit)
8pm: record 24, enjoy delicious carrot cake w/ Tonks (thanks guys!)
10pm: start watching 24, but fell asleep within the first few minutes.

these events occurred in real time


Rachel said...

I am sorry yesterday was such a busy day and since it was your birthday, you should get a do-over. Use your imagination and just pick a new day!

Annie said...

I swear Sunday's are always like that. Happy belated by the way. When are you coming for Christmas. We are having our party on the 12th. Hopefully by then!?

Kristy E.B. said...

Sorry your birthday wasn't super unique...sad that happens once you're a busy mommy!

Beazer said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you deserve a day at the spa. Take it easy!

Lori said...

Wow!! You are a wild woman!