Saturday, August 30, 2008


Every year I look forward to spending time up at Snowbird. Andy's parents have a timeshare, the first week of August. Although it is a ski resort, it is beautiful up in the mountains this time of year! And it is a great escape from the heat! Since being married to Andy, I have not missed a year, and this year was not going to be an exception. So since we were going to be coming to Utah for Clint's wedding, I wanted to come a week early and enjoy Snowbird once again. But because of the wedding and my family's trip to Bear Lake, we cut our stay there a bit short. I hope I never have to do that again!

One of my favorite things to do at Snowbird is hiking! But silly me forgot to pack the snuggly for Clark, so instead we took a short hike to the lookout point. It's a gorgeous view of the Salt Lake valley. The girls stopped for a quick picture along the way.

Grammy wanted to take the girls down the alpine slide with her, one at a time, of course! When I asked Grace if she went super fast, she responded 'no', 'super slow'! She is quite the little daredevil! But I know she really enjoyed herself anyway!

I just love the look on Clark's face in this one.

I just had to include this picture taken by Maggie. Thanks Maggie!

And here are a bunch of honorable mention photos.

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