Saturday, August 30, 2008

The next week of our little trip, I picked up Andy from the airport. He had told me that he wanted to go out, just the two of us, after I picked him up. I was pretty excited! He didn't fly in until 9pm, so I figured it would be a quick bite to eat then call it good. But much to my surprise, he had made reservations at the INN on the HILL! Needless to say, that was probably my favorite part of the whole trip!

If you look close enough, those two specs are us.

That week we also put Grace in swim lessons with her cousins. She did not want to go back after the first day. But I'm so glad we didn't give in, because she really, really enjoyed it the next two days. She was swimming under water and jumping in without having to hold on to someone's hands! I couldn't believe the progress she made just in those 3 short lessons! It was pretty fun to watch her too. After every time she swam with the teacher she would give me a big thumbs up or a high five. Too bad we haven't been in a pool since to see if it stuck with her.

Her cheering section!
(Andrea, sister-in-law, with George, Kathy, 'Grammy', and proud mom!)

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Rachel said...

Ok, so I haven't seem you long enough to talk about your trip but that is so cool you and Andy stayed at the Inn. Man, it's nice when the babes quit nursing so you can go on overnighters- so I've heard (we never left Maisey anywhere, but I already have plans when Ryley is "of age".

Near the end of next week there are suppose to be a couple of warm days; if you decide to go swimming, give us a call. With all the fountains this summer we sure didn't swim as much as last year!