Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love watching QVC.
I don't watch it for hours on-end mind you, but if the tv is on, I'll generally flip to it, just to see what they are selling. I love it even more now, since I can see it in HD. Things just look better in HD.
I feel that I am in control my spending habits, but when I see a product that could simplify my life at a great price...I just have to check it out for myself.
Today a package came with my name on it. It contained 30 white sponges claiming to clean any hard surface by simply applying warm water. So I thought I would document my first test. This was actually why I wanted these in the first place. I hate the dirt that stares at me everyday between the cracks of our kitchen counter. So I was so excited to find something that said it would get rid of it, without harsh chemicals, just water. I think they did the trick...right?


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Rachel said...

Okay, I have to call you Jamie (sorry Tonks):) I guess I need to catch the wave, only I don't have cable. They sound like magic erasers!