Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Judge Not...

I learned (again) a life lesson yesterday.
Grace had a day off of school, so I took the kids swimming at a friend's complex. In my haste of gathering all the kids' stuff, I neglected to grab this little girl's suit. Luckily, I managed to remember a swim diaper.
Rewind to years before when it was just Grace. I remember seeing a little boy or perhaps a girl just wearing a swim diaper at a local pool. I can recall having the thought, "I can't believe someone would allow their child to run around in just a swim diaper...I would never..."
Lesson learned.


Rachel said...

I can't believe how big Audrey is! Sooo cute- all of you guys! And, I can't believe it's warm enough to swim down there! Hope you guys are well. I meant to tell you thanks for the x-mas card... We didn't get any out this year but we sure love that you thought of us!

jamie t. said...

I have those moments all to often! What a cutie Audrey is and boy has she grown. I am jealous of the warm weather. We are supposed to hit 27 today :)

beans&rice said...

oh my goodness! hoe many times have i done that...the judging part i mean! especially back when i only had one or two! ahhhh..."perspective is a lovely atmosphere, all the world is an aerial view from up here..."
love you

Kristy E.B. said...

Doesn't having your 3rd put things much more in perspective than when you had one or no kids? The things you never thought you'd do become common place. I so know what you're talking about!