Thursday, January 27, 2011


6months ago yesterday I was doing this:

Yesterday, I didn't do a whole lot.
Just stayed home and enjoyed the fact that I can dance to michael jackson (more on that later) with Clark, and watch Audrey sit up on her own.

And the other day, I did this:

(watching grace get a citizenship award (way to go Grace!)while juggling two kids and not able to zoom in on time to take a decent picture)

But back to this little girl. I had a feeling we would eventually have a tall child. Both Andy and I have tall genes in our families, we both just happen to be the runts. So it's not too surprising that she's in the 50th percentile in weight and 90th for height.
Loves attention, especially from her mamma. That's what I would put in a personal ad for her. I can't believe that at this young age she will cry if someone (even her daddy) is holding her and I happen to leave the room.
She's also a belly baby. She's perfectly content on her stomach, especially now that she can roll around and scoot forward if she needs to.
And just this past week she has started to babble.
Love it.

Couldn't imagine life with out our little Audrey.


Ciara said...

I was here. Wish you were not there.

Cori said...

I love that you're a bloggin machine lately! I also love those cute kids of yours!!! See you tonight when I get home from work, right??? :)

christa said... after getting super excited about all the sudden comments on my blog, then being totally bummed that it was all from only one person, i have now come to your blog...i love the pics!

people know about my blog, they just don't care! ha! no, i really do think i tell people, but it seems that everyone i know is more of a face booker than a blogger. since i am not into facing or booking, i guess that leaves me to blog alone! :)

but, never fear, i still await with joy the yummy homemade whatever you will be sending me!

ps...thanks for catching up on my silly life!

Julie and Pete said...

You're a blogging machine!I'm trying to keep up but I'm not doing as well as you are!