Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lagoon Day

So the day before we left for Bear Lake with my family (sorry the post is out of order), we all went to Lagoon. I really enjoy roller coaster rides, but I wasn't too sure about Grace. Luckily she did not get her dad's stomach. She couldn't get enough of the rides! I think I had more fun just watching her reactions.

I'm all for the thrill of the rides, but one thing that I don't enjoy is the free fall rides. My Uncle Matt was trying to talk me into going on the skycoaster (where they hoist you up thousands of feet, then let you fly!). I said no thanks, but my brave sister, Cassandra and brother, John said yes!

Afterwards we went over to my sister, Marie's house, to wish John a happy birthday on 08.08.08! And wouldn't you believe that he turned 24! And to wish him farewell. The next morning he left for South Korea for a two week training. He is now in the ROTC. Way to go John! I just spoke to him on the phone, and he is home now and survived his training.

I just had to add this picture. Again, here is Trey putting Clark's binky in for him. He is such a helper!

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Rachel said...

Those two boys don't look that far apart in age yet isn't it funny how other toddlers call other children (even one's slightly older than them or their own age) babies!