Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where did you get that shiner?

So much for posting daily...
which is actually a perfect lead into my last and final post for the week.

So as I look back to this week
my first thought is
"could I have done more?"
Heck yeah.
And could I beat myself up about it?
Oh yes.
(hence all the black eyes)

But my wise and wonderful friend Rachel made a good point
in a previous post:
There are times in my life where I have thought I could do more, but then I remember if I am
giving my all, then that is all that is required of me!

Exactly my point.

I am extremely grateful that I'm in a point in my life
where I am able to serve.
But it is sometimes challenging
and a bit of a juggling act
having little ones while trying to lend a hand.

But I believe
the Lord will recognize our situations
and know our true hearts' desires.

Good thing
"the Lord looketh on the heart"
and not our outward appearance.

So stop beating yourself up!

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