Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I know you've all been waiting with great anticipation
as to what my days full of service
have been like.

Well let me tell you.

It didn't start out so swell.

I tried to get Andy to let me go to the DMV for him.
(He despises that place,
can't really say that I blame him)
But he insisted that he go,
mostly on account of a previous conversation
that I insisted on him going.
Didn't anticipate that one.

Instead of detailing all my heroic good deeds for the day
I thought I should share a bit of insight.

Service is a funny thing.
You can't really brag about the do goodin'
cause where does that get ya?

Stuck with the hypocrites.
(Matt 6:2)

Happy Serving!
(shh, quietly)

1 comment:

Luke, Marie & Brody said...

You are always so creative! Where are the rest of your services this week? I wish I could be more like you!