Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Third Day of School

go to school on the first day of school?
That's for fools.
No, we prefer to wait a couple of days...let the kids get settled into class,
then come in and get a hero's welcome.
That's how we roll.
**Truth be told, Grace was hoping and praying that the lice would just go away
and she could go to school.
Thankfully by Thursday morning she got the all-clear
and very cheerfully went to class.
By Wednesday however I was feeling pretty defeated by this pesky insect.
Nothing seemed to help.
But then I felt impressed to cut her hair.
Under normal circumstances I would never dare,
but I was one desperate momma.
Once cut, I felt that we could get this under control.
Sure enough, it seemed to do the trick.**


Beazer said...

Too bad Celeste isn't around -- she was the best de-licer in Argentina. I think she helped me out in 3 different occasions. She even came to a different city once to give me the treatment. Her #1 suggestion was to dye your hair. She said that she would regularly do that while in her Primary calling. Good luck!

Grandma Mary said...

Even though you will want to forget this icky event, Grace will always remember her first days as a first grader. Love the short hair do!