Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little miss...

this girl has no fear of heights. if it looks like something to sit on (chairs, tables, strollers, tricycles, etc) she will try her darndest to scale it. she's gotten pretty good.

wanna be as cool as big brother:
how she loves her brother (and sister too)!

funny face:
this little girl cracks me up with some of her expressions.

this little girl has a lot to say. she already loves playing with the phone (poor christa keeps getting pranked)

pucker up, cause she also loves to give out the kisses (but you have to ask nice:)


Cori said...

What the heck, she's getting so big! It hasn't been that long since we've seen you guys has it?! So cuuute.

HeidiB said...

I can't believe how light Audrey and Clark are. Grace had such dark hair - well still does. Happy Birthday, Audrey!