Saturday, May 29, 2010

'who's behind?...mine!'

I've really enjoyed staying caught up with everyone on their blogs that...I've forgotten to post anything on mine (my lame excuse:). While going through all the pictures the last month, I realized that we've had a really busy month of May. So busy in fact, it started before the month began (if that makes any sense).

We celebrated Andy's 31st bday at the end of April. I think we spoiled him pretty good by getting him a dvd, hoodie, LA Dodger tickets, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, and a day at Disneyland.

Grace started taking a ballet/tap class. That girl's got rhythm!

Thanks to a very supportive husband and a good friend (thanks Christa:) I was able to make a quick trip to St. George to see my family and be there for the blessing of my new nephew. It was so short but sweet!

On that same trip I traveled up to Salt Lake to see Andy's cousin get married. Congrats to the happy couple! It was so fun to have a quick get-a-way (without kids) and spend some quality time with our extended family, but boy did I miss my little family.

Getting tired already? This is how I found Clark one day after coming home from an errand. He had fallen asleep on our way home, so in an effort to wake him up I stood him up then ran inside to take in a few items (I thought he was following me). Apparently my trick didn't work.

This past week, my friend Christa and I took the kids to see a really cool display on Noah's Ark @ the Skirball Cultural Center. All of the animals in the ark were made of recycled parts. It was pretty neat to see everyday items used to create these amazing animals.

And on Friday, to kick start our Memorial Weekend, we went to see and observe the Griffith Observatory. This place sits high above the city and near the Hollywood sign.

p.s. other fun adventures not pictured, but note-worthy: getting to see and hang-out with my older sis, Casssandra for a day. And going to Disneyland with Andy's family last weekend (more on that to follow:). So stay tuned for more exciting adventures from our part of the world.


Kristy E.B. said...

You guys have been busy! Do you have a name picked out for your little girl yet?

The Churches said...

I love that picture of Clark. So darling. I've been trying to find a dance class for Evie, but everything seems so expensive!! Grace is so stinkin' cute in her tap shoes!

Makenna said...

Grace is WAY too big for you to be holding her-while pregnant! :) looks like you've had a fun month!

Marie said...

You guys always have so much fun! I hope you are feeling ok! Miss you and Love you!

Maren and Dustin said...

I love the post title- glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to use movie quotes! :) I love the dance pic of Grace- Dustin is right, she is the cutest little girl I've ever seen!