Sunday, April 25, 2010

Year One

Hard to believe (for me) that this time last year, we were unpacking our things in our new surroundings. I must admit, I wasn't too excited about our new situation. But I was extremely grateful that Andy found a good job. But over the year, this little place we call home, has definitely grown on me. For instance, being here has given us some opportunities that otherwise we would not have had. Like...

getting a new set of wheels,

flying all over the place,

and scratching the pavement with our best face forward.

I still really miss all our dear friends, but for these and other good reasons, here we'll be for at least another year. Here's to year two.


The Churches said...

We really miss you too and expect you to move back at the end of this 2nd year!! :)

Andy's new wheels really match his personality! Totally what I would have picked out for him!

Hope your baby bump is doin' great!

Makenna said...

and you met MWAH! :) Don't worry, I miss my far away friends too. But D-land is pretty sweet.

Marie said...

Can't believe its already been a year! Went be quickly for me! Hope you have a great 2nd year! I get to see you soon!! yay!!!