Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I Did This Summer

So I know that summer is far from over, but I couldn't think of anything else clever. Anyway, to catch up on our lives, we celebrated our 7th Anniversary on the 14th of June by eating out at the Olive Garden, without the kids! It was delicious!

Earlier that morning I ran a half marathon. Since I wasn't able to train all that much the last couple of weeks because of sick kids then I got sick, it kicked my butt! It really helped that Andy, the kids and my friend, Ciara with her kids were at mile 4 and then mile 10. Thanks for the support! I didn't do much else that day. I finally got my strength back just in time to go out to eat.

I realized the other day that I haven't posted much about the kids. So here goes:
I am amazed at Grace sometimes. She is a quick learner! We are big fans of the videos Signing Time. She has those songs memorized and is always repeating the signs. This fall I am going to have her in a preschool co-op. By the way, if anyone is interested there is a gal in our ward here who developed a preschool curriculum called Smart Cookies. They are working on a website, but the lessons are amazing! I'll give anyone the info if you'd like. She talks of going to school, everyday! She's so excited! She can write her name, kind of (she writes her G and C backwards and the R is a tricky one!). And lately she has become a great help! She loves to set the table, sweep (that one is going to take some practice), and feed Clark (carefully supervised)!

Then there's Clark. He is such a mama's boy! It seems the more I try and get him to get use to other people, the worse he gets. We call him our little 'stinker'! And whenever we feed him solid foods and ask him if he wants more, he cries really hard. I am not exaggerating! But he is also the sweetest little baby I've ever known. He loves to snuggle (which I love!), blow raspberries, and take baths. He could be crabby, but once I get him in the tub, he's happy! It's really hard to believe that he is now 8months!

So far, the kids just love each other! They just both light up when the other is around. If Grace wakes up from a nap and she's not too happy, all I have to do is sit Clark in front of her and her bad mood disappears! And Grace can get Clark to laugh like no one else! I just hope they continue to be good buddies.


Bartle Family said...

Congrats on finishing your big race! I'm sure you did great!

Annie said...

FInally a new post! I love seeing them. Yeah I will probably die after our half marathon in a month and a week. Crap. It will still be fun though. OH yeah and I think we might have two more people join us if thats okay. MIssy and my friend Rachel

Dustin and Maren said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember it like yesterday. One of the few dates Dustin actually took me on! And don't you love watching your kids interact? Nothing is funnier to us than watching Carson make Jensen laugh.


The Johnson Clan said...

Congratualtion on finishing your big race! Man!I need to hang out with you more. So you can give me some of your energy and to keep me motivated!Seriously!I admire you! I keep telling myself I need to go running,but there's always an excuse..Grrrr!Your awesome at what you do! Keep up the good work!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your 7th anniversary! I had no idea it was the day of the big race. And eating out without the kids- that's a treat. Hey, whatever happened to our swap? Isn't it hard to get away when all you want to do is spend your time together as a family on weekends when Andy is home more?

Kids are little "sponges" and when Maisey showed great interest in learning we ran with. I bet she would love conquering those pre-school work books- what a confidence builder.

About the two cheering each other up, what a wonderful bond they have already formed. Siblings are so protective and nurturing of eachother. Even if they fight someday (like most sibs do), they will be friends forever.

Anonymous said...

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