Sunday, June 1, 2008

Silver Falls

Yesterday, we took our young women on a hike at Silver Falls. It was gorgeous! I loved it. We saw several water falls through out the hike. We were able to walk behind a couple of them. The weather was quite cold, but it was quite refreshing, once we started walking.

Clark was quite the trooper! It was his first hike. I think he enjoyed himself.

This doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea!

I let one of my beehives hold my camera. Not bad!


Marie said...

That looks like it was a gorgeous hike! I know I just talked to you yesterday but I am just so so so so excited to see you and your kids this weekend!!! See you in a few days! :)

Jen said...

Hey Melissa! I just stumbled upon your blog. Hope you don't mind me taking a peek. :)

Adam & Sarah said...

Melissa, I swear if it weren't for blogging none of us would ever know how anyone else is doing. Looks like you guys are still living it up and going on lots of fun adventures! That is so cool that you've had the Meservy's and Merganthalers up to visit. We are so jealous. Hopefully we will make it up there one of these days when I get out of school. Did you hear we are expecting number 3? Yep. Pretty crazy. We are excited though. Drop me a line sometime. I miss you! By the way, I did send you an invite to view my blog right? email me if not. belaybob at hotmail. LOVE YOU!