Monday, April 28, 2008

This Past Week

This past week we celebrated Andy's 29th Bday! I got him a new grill (since the other one caught on fire!) and a DVD. He is not a cake eater, so he always requests cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. That is what's under the candles. And he clearly stated that he did not want a party. So to get around a party but still have people over, I invited them in 20 min. shifts. Which by the way, I really liked. I could enjoy our friends, one at a time. I think we could call it a successful day!

This is a waist trimmer courtesy of our friends. On the box it states that one size fits most. I think it's save to say that Andy fits under that category.

Grace was invited to a Princess Birthday Party. Too bad she didn't want to dress up in the entire princess costume! Oh well, she still really had a good time!

As promised, this cute dress was made by my oh-so talented younger sister. She has been asking to see pictures of Grace in it. The weather on Sunday was finally nice enough for her to wear it. And she loved wearing it!

And then there was Clark. He developed a bit of a cold, not fun! He absolutely hates to have his nose suctioned out. I don't blame him. He seems to already be doing a lot better. Yeah!


The Churches said...

Hey Melissa, I'm blog snooping...
Is the waist trimmer supposed to be worn like a corset under your clothes to make you look thin, or is it for preventing you from eating too many Cinnabons? Or perhaps it's really used as a giant sling-shot...?

And I can't wait until Evie is a little older and can have Princess parties (or fairy parties)! It looks like fun to dress them up!

Marie said...

Yay she liked the dress!!! It does look cute on her! Thanks for the picture! Love ya