Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deb and Tyler

This past week (4.13-4.18) our friends Debbie and Tyler came for a visit! It was so good to see them! It had been almost a year since we last saw them. So we were able to spend good quality time together and catch up! On Thursday, the nicest day we had last week, we went to the annual Tulip Festival. It was beautiful!

Thanks Grace! This was the only picture taken with the two of us.

I thought this was appropriate!

We also spent some time at the Children's Museum. The kids had a great time!

We wore them out! Mission accomplished!


Tina said...

Your kids are so cute! We miss you guys. I know we never really saw each other that much before, but now it seems like it's not even possible. I've always wanted to go to Oregon. Now I have a reason! Hope all is well. Much love!

Annie said...

man that looks like fun. I miss Debbie so much too. You all need to just move back. I stll haven't called you. I am a loser.

Marie said...

You sure do go to the Childrens museum a lot! You must have that place memorized! Hope you're not worn out by the time I get there!!! 12 more weeks till it's my turn!! Yay! My camera will be there for sure, just not the big one that I used for the other ones.

Dustin and Maren said...

That's so cool that you have so many fun places to go with your kids! (And we always love seeing Grace's photography!) - Maren