Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving and beyond!

We had our Thanksgiving feast at our place this year. Andy invited a couple of guys from his work, who provided a delicious apple pie! Andy did us proud with the turkey!
Grace did not get a nap that day. So by 7pm she was out!

You can't see it very well, but Clark is in his 'turkey' outfit. Grace kept saying he looked like a chicken (she couldn't remember the word turkey).

Here are some recent pictures of the boy and his proud sister!

We enjoyed our ward Christmas party last night. Grace wanted nothing to do with Santa, but Clark had no choice! I'm sure she'll change her mind come Christmas morning.

What a difference a week makes! I would consider Grace potty trained! Yeah! Notice all of the stickers now. Now we just need to 'poop' train her and we're set! Don't worry, no pictures will be posted of it.


Marjorie said...

YEAAAHHH!!! Congrats on the potty training! While trying sometimes you wonder if it's worth it because changing a diaper can often be so much easier and we don't see the rewards till later. Way to keep trying, Way to go Grace! And I love the pictures. I wish I could hold Clark and squeeze him. We really miss you guys!

Linda said...

Love the pictures. Clark is growing fast and is so cute. Andy's turkey looks great tell him hi. Tell Gracie congrats. Hope you guy have a merry christmas. Love Lubell

Dustin and Maren said...

Hurray for Grace - and an even bigger Hurray for Melissa! You all look great, hope the Pacific Northwest is treating you well. - Maren

Marjorie said...

I've tagged you on my blog, If you get a chance and want to try filling it out:)