Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sampler

first backstory:
I love alliterations.
I don't know why.
Just do.
Especially when it comes to days of the week.
For instance:
Taco Tuesday or No-T.V.-Tuesday (my attempt at limiting tube time-quite
successful I might add).
And now I bring you: sunday sampler

second backstory:
I've been wanting to add a little more
depth or spirituality to our blog,
since our faith is a huge part of our little family.

So this is my solution,
to share a spiritual thought or insight
every Sunday.**

Here goes:
Last Sunday was our church's general conference.
This is where we listen to our dear prophet, 12 apostles and other leaders.
This is taken from a talk given by Ian Arden of the seventy entitled:

A Time to Prepare:

Time is never for sale; time is a commodity that cannot, try as you may, be bought at any store for any price. Yet when time is wisely used, its value is immeasurable. On any given day we are all allocated, without cost, the same number of minutes and hours to use, and we soon learn, as the familiar hymn so carefully teaches, “Time flies on wings of lightning; we cannot call it back” (“Improve the Shining Moments,” Hymns,no. 226). What time we have we must use wisely. President Brigham Young said, “We are all indebted to God for the ability to use time to advantage, and he will require of us a strict account of [its] disposition” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young [1997], 286).

**i'm not saying spirituality only belongs on Sundays,
this is just for me, trying to stay organized and committed.

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