Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

we've had much to celebrate in these parts this past week...

#1: our TEN year anniversary.
Andy had it all arranged for us to go to DLand, just the two of us.
After going a bunch of times with the kids, it was so much fun to go
without a stroller, diaper bag, cooler, etc.
He even made reservations for us at the Blue Bayou, yum!
Ya done good Andy.

#2 cheer class.
I had signed her up for an 8week class which ended last week.
Go Grace!

#3 kindergarten graduate!
On the last day of school they had a little celebration for all the
kids. So incredibly hard to believe that this school year has ended.
I get a little teary just thinking about my baby girl going on to 1st grade in a couple of months.
Dang it! They're just growing up too fast.

#4: brace face.
If you look close enough you'll notice a hot new trend
in my smile.
I'm trying to see how many people I can get to try this.
C'mon, you'll look so cool if you do!


jamie t. said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun day sans kids. and braces wow! How long do you have them for. They are worth it!

Adrianna said...

Maybe it's been too long since we've seen you, but I'm trying to think why you would possibly need braces.... In any case, I got them late too- my junior and senior year, when everyone had had them in 7th and 8th grade... *sigh* Jamie's right, though, they are worth it. Gracie is looking so much older- she'd just adorable! Can't wait to see you all in August!