Thursday, April 14, 2011


yes, we went to utah over a month ago, but I feel that I cannot continue with a new post (or my life) until I document our little trip

We had so many reasons to travel to Utah...

we just had to meet this little guy and be a part of his blessing
(hard to tell in this pic, but these two are 5 months apart)

we wanted to see and visit with Grandma Fern (most likely the last time)

play with all the cousins!

we wanted to wish (and surprise) my mom a happy 60th birthday!

we wanted to see all our family!

we wanted to see Maggie get baptized
mission accomplished.
We loved seeing everyone and being a part of some pretty special occasions.
We love you all!

So here was my original idea to post about our trip:

U is for all the uncles we got to see

T is for our little Trip to Tremonton to visit my grandparents...

and our good friends the Baird's (they actually live in Brigham City, but close enough)

H is for Heading Home

Boy, Utah doesn't have too many letters...


oursweetmess said...

love it! finally! geesh! ok, so a couple comments...first, i love grace's face in the family shot at your mom's bday party! second, is it a coincidence that andy is NOT looking at the camera during that same family shot????
loved your U.T.A.H. idea. i bet you are pretty happy about not being from Tennessee! :)

HeidiB said...

Thank you for not posting the goofy picture of me :)