Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day of Thanks

We shared our day of thanks with our wonderful friends and neighbors (that alone is enough to be grateful:). Here are just some of the highlights caught on camera.

poor clark, just waiting for something to eat.

the brood, enjoying their feast.

the was as good as it looks

before you start licking your lips...these aren't snickerdoodles, this was my first failed attempt at non-dairy rolls. These were as disgusting as they appear. Luckily I made these early enough so I had to time to redeem myself and just made a normal batch...full of butter and whole milk.

...and here's Audrey (hiding under blanket), enjoying her first Thanksgiving meal.


Julie and Pete said...

What a good spread! Hope you're all doing well. Miss you!

Marie said...

You are such a good blogger! What great costumes Andy made! Amazing! And the pumpkin too! So glad you have had such a great time with friends! And that your turkey turned out so great! Sad we will miss you this Christmas! Love you!