Thursday, July 8, 2010

Los Doyers

The other night we finally took the kids to their first Dodgers game (mine as well). Please don't judge all the fun we had by the look on my face, we actually had a lot of fun. The kids really got into it (despite the lame score: Dodgers 0, Marlins 4) when they made good plays, and all the usual fun banter at games.

We left after the seventh inning, so I couldn't tell you the final score...I don't even know if they won. But we wanted to leave before the kids got too cranky and tired to ruin our ever-so-fun night out. Go Dodgers!


Maren and Dustin said...

This was your first Dodger game? How sad. Andy took Dustin to a game when we were there last summer (their little guy date… :)) It looks like plenty of fun was had- and I don't blame you for that look on your face- I probably wear the same one most days!

Debbie said...

I loved your face! I feel that way at the end of my pregnancies too. It looks like you had fun though. Good Luck the next couple of weeks.