Monday, November 2, 2009

Look who's 2!

Happy Birthday Clark!

Life is a "symphony" because of you!
You are my "sweet tart"
So please don't "snicker" at my silly candy gram.
We always have a "whopper" of a time
and I wouldn’t trade you for "100 grand"
cause you’re "good & plenty" and my "almond joy".
I love you little guy!

(Can you tell I have candy on the brain?)


jamie t. said...

What a big boy!

What is with the no frosting on the cupcake?

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Clark! You are getting so handsome :)

Kristy E.B. said...

I still remember vividly when he was in your belly like it was just a few months ago. Time flies so fast! Hope you guys are doing well, we'll have to chat again sometime. We miss you guys!

Julie and Pete said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Clark!

HeidiB said...

Happy Birthday! May you stay sweet and avoid the "terrible twos"

Marie said...

I can't believe how much bigger he looks from the last time I saw him! Can't believe he's 2! Hope to see you in a few weeks ;)

Carroll Conversations said...

Happy Birthday little man. I can't believe he is 2. I love the first picture. It looks like his candle has arms coming out the sides. Hope you guys are doing well.