Monday, July 6, 2009

hey sis

Dear Marie,

Hard to believe your time with us has already come and gone. But while you were here, I sure enjoyed having you around! I'm sad to say that this is the only picture taken. I'm just glad I got it, since my batteries died right after. It was so fun to just hang out, run our errands, get burned at the beach, shop and search high and low for some frozen yogurt! I thought it would be great to get back to my usual daily routine, but I sure miss your company. I think I'm going through Marie withdraws. I still can't get Clark to say your name, only 'CJ'. Sorry 'bout that. And Grace is wondering when you'll return. But seeing how your 25 weeks pregnant, I don't see it happening in the next little while. We'll just have to come visit you in your neck of the woods and meet little Brody. Please take care and get some sleep! Love ya sis!


Kristy E.B. said...

Glad you had some fun sister time too!

Marie said...

I am so happy I was able to come and see you guys! Who knows when I will actually be able to do that again! Thanks for driving around until we found a book and frozen yoguart! I hope you can make it here sometime in the fall! If not hopefully we see you at Christmas!!! Love you!