Friday, May 15, 2009

We're official

Who knew that owning a LA Dodgers hat made you an official resident of LA!?

We have been unpacked for a couple of weeks now, I just finally remembered to grab the cord out of Clark's room before naptime to download the pictures. Our living space is very quaint and cozy (otherwise known as very small:)

Here is a shot taken by Grace just outside our front door:

Our quaint, yellow, very out-dated (thank goodness they thought of adding a dishwasher) kitchen:

And our cozy living/dining/entry/playroom space:
Not pictured:
bedrooms (nothing to brag about)
backyard (seriously nothing to brag about)
bathroom (it's just a cozy bathroom)
For those who are now tempted to come and see us, you can see it all for yourselves in person. We'd love to see ya!


Julie and Pete said...

We'll see for ourselves in August. Is Clark doing steriods like the rest of the Dodgers?

jamie t. said...

Yeah for pictures! We miss you guys too much. I'm glad to see that you're getting settled!

Kristy E.B. said...

Your place looks cute! Yes, I missed your happy self here helping us paint. Hope you're enjoying California!

Debbie said...

Your house looks cute! I am glad that you are all moved in. We will have to come and visit sometime. We would love to have you come up our way too :)

Rachel said...

Wow, Clark looks soooo different! We still want to meet you guys in Disneyland if you're up for it in June! Are you guys catching some sun or what? Clark looks like he's been in the heat!

Troy and Mandy said...

I'm happy to see you guys are safe and sound in LA! Your place looks way cute!

Marie said...

I'm coming soon!!! yay!!!!