Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My new motto

So Grace has started saying things that I thought I would not hear for another few years. The other day she asked if she could chew some gum. The last time she had some, she swallowed it. So I was very reluctant to give her any more. So I told her I would think about it. She then told me that she 'promised' that she would not swallow it this time. And she continued to tell me 'I promise mom, I will not swallow the gum.' I then decided to trust her and let her have a piece. She kept her word.
That same day she told me that she had something in her belly, and that it was a baby. She was pregnant. Like I said, I wasn't expecting to hear those words for another few years!
Another time I went out for a run, taking the kids in the jogging stroller. Grace likes to take her shoes off, whenever possible. Well, she took off her flip flops and one of them must have fallen out because it was no where to be seen when we got home. I was ready for a bit of a tantrum, some crying, some whining. When I told her it was gone, all she said was, 'Well, I guess I have to hop.' Ever since then, I have tried to make that my new motto in life.
One last story. Today Andy called to talk to Grace. After I handed the phone to her, she started walking away. She told Andy to hold on, then tell me while holding up a finger, 'Give me a minute, I'll be right back' and proceeded to go around the corner to talk to Andy.


Annie said...

That is so cute. How funny is she. I love how they just grow up overnight. Jack has started saying things too where I am like, "Where did he learn that?"

Marie said...

She is just growing up too fast!!! But oh so cute! Miss you!

Rachel said...

I know it is the age, but preschool as you know it will be a huge influence to Grace and her behavior, good and naughty!

We miss seeing you guys and Maisey keeps asking about Grace. Boy, things are busy!

Dustin and Maren said...

They are miniature adults when we least expect it. Then when we do, they go right back to being children! BTW, Carson has also told me that he was pregnant, and according to him, so was Dustin. :)